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I got to thinking about this project and realized that for me at least, that low a light level just doesn't work for me anymore. But what if you put a multi step switch on it and mounted under counter LED strips on it? Those things produce a LOT of light for almost no wattage and no heat. You could even install a 3 way switch connected to 1, then 2 strips, which could get very bright if you wanted it that way. You could even add a fourth strip with a very warm filter over it. Roscoe makes theatrical gels (filters). I have a filter in the overhead light in my office that warms up the light slightly, the color is called Bastard Amber and it was commonly used in theatrical lighting for decades.

A horizontal version of this hanging from the ceiling, or in a recess of some sort, would also be very cool. Those remotes they sell at Christmas would work really well to control such lights. Soft, indirect light, low wattage, no heat. Replace the wood long pieces with frosted glass and you get a lot of light.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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