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French Rabbet Planes 'Rabot Kid'

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Anyone have experience of these interesting French Tools? I have the Bouvet Kid 8.16 & find it remarkable & versatile for quick make ups etc. I'm not sure if the Company still exists but they still have video demos & a page of sorts which indicates just how good these tools can be.
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I can't comment personally but I know one absentee member who probably can. Daniel, username Sante (with an accent over the e) from Belgium would likely know. He quit participating here to focus on a more local group over there. The only part of the name I remember offhand is briccoleur. He's in our members list and you could PM him. If you do try and convince him to spend some time here. I miss his input.
I have a couple of their planes Al. Small, lightweight and difficult to work with at first. They are handy for some situations. Some of the local forum members tried working with them and did not care for them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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