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I managed to make my first spoilboard last over 2 years, which is pretty good considering the learning curve. Cutting too deep, wrong settings, learning how to set the correct Z height, etc. took its toll on that 1/2" piece of MDF. I surfaced it probably 4 times, maybe 5 and it was getting pretty thin.

So since I cut a lot of Longworth chucks I figured I would add an auxiliary board on top of the spoilboard this time. I put the new spoilboard on, surfaced it, and then the smaller board and surfaced it. The smaller board will be quick and easy to surface when it needs cleaning up and that will be less intrusive than doing the larger board.

I put the new boards on a week ago and have cut about 7 Longworth chucks so far. Zeroing off the spoilboard and using a compression bit I can tell you the aux board is still smooth even though you can see light trails where the bit has touched the surface. And when I have a larger project then the aux board comes off in a minute and I'm good to go. The aux board will handle up to a 20" Longworth chuck so if I need to cut a larger one I'll just pull the aux board off.

Old original board -
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New boards -
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Looks like a great solution for all those smaller jobs you do.
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