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Freud 1700 - 3rd time the Charm?

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Hi everyone; thanks for providing such a great forum and source of information. I've been lurking for the last couple weeks but now I'd like to introduce myself and ask for some opinions.

I'm a novice woodworker and got my first router/table a couple weeks ago -- a Freud 1700/table/fence package.

I was very pleased with the features and convenience of it, but after 1 or 2 uses the spindle lock stopped working (maybe a broken spring or pin?).

I checked the manual and confirmed I wasn't misusing it, then exchanged it for a new one.

I've used this one once and now the depth adjustment screw won't stay engaged when I'm adjusting the height -- again, I'm pretty sure I'm not doing something wrong.

So here's my dilemma -- should I go back and exchange for yet another one, or should I return the whole kit and look for a different make/model? I've seen a bunch of mixed opinions here about the Freud 1700. I like the router, but I don't want to be stuck with a lemon a year or two from now (assuming a replacement would last that long)... What would you folks do?

I've read a bunch of feedback on the Freud 1700, and I know it
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Greetings Leif and welcome to the forum. I would take it back and try something else. Things that are new should work like something new and not have to burden you down wondering if it will last past the warrantee. There are a lot of routers on the market that you should be able to find what you want. For my part, I suggest a fella make his own router table if possible just because you can make it what you want, and not what someone else figures you need. Just a thought.
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