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Freud FT 2000 E collet

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I hope I am posting this in the right place. I have an old Freud FT2000E router. My collet broke and I need another one. I have tried Ebay and other places that I was told might have one with no luck. The Freud item number is 13602.7431 and the Bosch item number is 2610030074. It is still a very servicable router so I am in hopes someone has one that they would be willing to sell. Primarily I am looking for the 1/2 inch collet but I would also be interested in the 1/4 inch. Thank you. Dale
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I tried to find this item, including, with no luck so far. You could call that company and ask, they know a lot of stuff there. Phone number is 866-322-9842. Welcome anyhow, and give us a day or so on your request, not everyone is on every day.
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Someone else was here recently looking for one. I had one on a dead 2000 E I was going to give him but when I pulled it apart I found a broken segment which is what was wrong with his. Seems to be a weakness in them. I hope you get lucky but your prospects aren’t good.
Check out this link: Freud 13603.7411 Collet Nut (Fits FT2200 And Other Freud Routers) I think it may fix your problem.
Sorry my previous post did not copy the hyperlink only the text. Try this:

Freud 13603.7411 Collet Nut (Fits FT2200 And Other Freud Routers)
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Thank you all for the help. I tried the hyperlink that gdonham1 sent, I called them with no luck. It appears that I will no longer be able to use my router. I do have others but the FT200E is a very good router. It may become a parts router for other folks that need a part, other than collet obviously.
Sorry to hear that. Just out of curiosity did a segment break out of yours too? There might be one other possibility. If you can measure the diameter and thread pitch there is a small chance that a Musclechuck might fit it. You might have to send your old one to John DeRosa at Musclechuck to make sure but it might be worth it. Musclechuck are much superior to the standard collet.
There is a big Makita that is similar. The Frued was made in Italy and is metric so check out if the Makita would work.

However sometimes it is easier to replace it. If you decide to replace look at the Makita because they make parts for most of their tools for a long time.
Thank you all for the help. Guess I will just junk it. If anyone needs a part for this router, I will have it. Thx
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