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I have the freud router package..Me 2000 3 1/4 hp router and table..They just brought out a smaller routerFT1700- 14 amp 2 1/4 hp Fixed base..made for a table with micro adjustment above the table.

The Me 2000 works good for me.But the new 3 1/4 hp Me 2200 is better..Has Longer shaft .
This was a problem with the older ME 2000 could not get enough router bit hight.
This router has all kinds of power..I keep it in the table all the time. I also took the Plunge springs out to make it easier to adjust..Very easy to do and that way your not fighting the spring pressure.
I like the Freud table also..The Micro-fence is great for doing Dovetailed joints..when you just need to move the fence slightly.
IF you just buy the freud table, you will need to Bore the Router insert plate to fit your router base. It may fit the Dewalt router you have.
I have a Porter cable 694 and bored it too fit that, incase i need more Bit hight.

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