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hesselite said:
Hello, and I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum:

I'm not a skilled woodworker. I'll work on projects every other weekend or so. I'm in need of a router, and I'm not looking for the best, and my price range is around $100. I'm thinking of buying one of the following routers from HD or Lowes. I'm looking for opinions as to which one the experts here think is the better router.
SKIL 1825 Plunge/Fixed 2-1/4 HP Router Combo Kit with Sightlight from Lowes

Ryobi RE180PL 2 HP Plunge Router from Home Depot

Any input? The SKIL seems like the better buy... slightly higher HP, light, carrying case, and the fixed/plunge base combo is nice. What do you all think? Should I shell out another $30 or $40 and get a better one? I'd like to keep it at $80-$100 if possible

Thanks for any input! :D

My only experience with Ryobi was their 12V Jobsite Cordless Drill. I really liked it but the batteries soon gave out and new ones are hard to find and cost almost as much as a new drill. I think Ryobi makes a good tool at a price most people can afford. The RE1803BK (don't know what the BK is) was reviewed in the Sept. 04 issue of American Router and they liked it. This one has 1/4 and 1/2' collets which is important because if you ever decide to upgrade to a more powerful router the 1/2" shank will take the pressure much better than a 1/4". Also those HP ratings are not correct. Look at the amp. rating and if it's not 14-15 or higher (115 volts)it's not a 2hp. motor.
Either of the routers you're looking at should be good for what you intend to use it for. Don't try to take deep cuts and allow the router to cool off frequently. The Ryobi reviewed by American Router has a soft start function which is nice for hand routing. Good luck and have fun.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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