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FS or trade, Akro Mils storage bins #30240 in Florida

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As title states, for sale or trade. See info below.
Case (12 total pieces) of new Akro Mils bins, these exact ones cost 110.00 at well, see link.


For sale 70.00 obo for entire case, or trade (same info that I have in another post, sale item, so I copied and pasted most of that trade info)
item is located in sunrise florida, zip 33323 I would prefer not to ship.

I will take trade on items as well. for some lumber, anything of high contrast.
Ex. Padauk, Holly, Purpleheart, etc... of the same value.
On the Holly I would take even less in trade. A few GOOD Bd ft, or perhaps 1 clean and very white board at least 4/4 thick.
But any other wood, I will want same value, example on Padauk, I can get 10 BD Ft. for under 70.00

Do not need any walnut, maple (birdseye or tiger), cherry, etc as I have a few $k worth of all that. Could use some more bubinga as I only have about 20~ Bd ft of it. But it would need to be figured. Better yet, if you want to trade just let me know what you have for trade.

See pics of item, taking up space in my garage at this very moment, could be yours to use as wisely as I have.
I have never used them, these were wrong size sent from amazon and I honestly did not care at the time, or something came up (not really sure, as it was at least 2 or 3 years ago.)


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60.00 for entire case.... going once, twice...
And !!!!!
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