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Looking for parts to rebuild old Ryobi BS 901 band saw. And right now looking for the bearings for the saw blade guides, everywhere I’ve checks , it no longer available,

Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket replacement for the Roybi part number BS 90101800?
Or meh have the specs on that bearing to order from a bearing supplier

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Welcome, Gadgetman...

Looks like you may need to put a set of calipers on the bearing and check with bearing supplier.

See if there's anything here that will help...
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Welcome to the forum. Measure the bearings inside outside and width you should be able to find them at a bearing house.
Look here to find the bearing numbers that you need.
Being a Ryobi most likely metric bearings Hope that helps
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Welcome. What they said.
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Ok thanks, that link had one listed.
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G'day and welcome to the forum...
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