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Gaggle of trivets

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While waiting on glue to dry Saturday on a couple of projects I decided to make some trivets. The round spiral Maple trivet is the same one I posted a couple of weeks ago, along with the 'making of video', but the Walnut ones were just made. The spiral Walnut one is being picked up tomorrow by a friend who requested it.

The other two comprise an idea I have had and tried a few times Saturday to make them back to back as one trivet but it was just too dainty and once I had it in hand I decided it was just too busy (photo below next to the one I kept). Besides, I kept breaking it somewhere so instead of wasting more Walnut I just made two trivets with their own theme. Each are about 10" x 6" and 3/4" thick. The breaks in the border are to allow air to flow and the crosses are at two different levels for the same reason.

Broken trivet -
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I like those.
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