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My girlfriend started ordering shoes awhile back. At first it was just a pair a month, but now it’s a couple pairs a week. The pile of shoes in our entry way has flowed southward like a glacier over the last few months. There’s 14 pairs of shoes in front of the refrigerator right now. I have no problem with her buying shoes because scattered among the boxes of Nikes and Pumas on the delivery trucks are my regular tool shipments that happen weekly if not more often.
Today I finally got a physical number of pairs that she had for a goal. 50.
I’m curious if any of you folks might have some ideas besides plain square cubby boxes for 50 pairs of shoes.
The area I have to play with is 12’x7’. I’d like to only use one wall but I think she might have thrown the number 50 out just to shut me up so I might have to plan for overflow. I’m sure you folks will have some good advice. Thank you.
When I'm looking for ideas on a build, Sometimes I'll check out "Bing Images". Then type in a possible idea for a search. Such as Shoe Rack, DIY shoe rack, wood craft projects, wood craft show project. Or something to that effect.
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