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Gave Up & Gave In

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I've posted a few times about my project restoring my Dad's old 113 series Craftsmen Table Saw. It was just one giant piece of rust. After using Electrolysis to AMAZINGLY remove ALL the rust, I had primered one wing and sprayed it with a Rustoleum Enamel. The wings aren't solid, and the tracks of Iron that actually make contact with the wood I had buffed out to a shine. Problem was I didn't like my paint job. After some thought I doubted I'd ever get it the way I saw it in my head.... So I said screw it and took it to the Powder They said they will tape up the surface iron that touches wood, so it would not get touched by the sandblaster. Then they will retape before applying the powder so none will stick.... So HOPEFULLY IN A FEW DAYS THESE TWO PIECES WILL BE DONE. Woot woot

Now I'm on to the main center piece of Cast and it's the one piece that is flat and the entire top of it has a surface I need to buff out. I'm hoping this will actually be easier than the wings were. That's the wing in the picture and my God that was really a pain in the ass. Lol

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That's the bare wing fresh out of the salt bath

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Izii, iz>giggg99y9yźi

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It's going to belong in a museum and not your workshop!:smile:
When I had the parts to my PM66 sandblasted they told me to tape off the surfaces I didn't want hit, same as if they were going to powder coat it. They said I knew those surfaces better than them so it was better if I took the parts to them already taped of. I hope your guys do a good job taping, it's going to be nice when you get it back!

Did you take any before/after pics of your electrolysis setup, Tom?
I'm guessing your testimonial will convince others to give it a try. :)
Very cool ! I like the way powder coating turns out.

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