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General CNC 40-915xm1 G-codes

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I bought a General CNC 40-915xm1 used, but didn't get the software for it. No problem, I've worked with G-codes a bit. The company is out of biz, so I can't ask them questions.
My firmware is 2.003
HMI file is (whatever that is?)
Serial #: 404000315

I kind of got it running, using hand written G-code. I set the machine to inch with it's pad. Wrote code for a 1 inch square. It hardly moved at all, I thought something was wrong. Seems no matter what I do it is working in MM, so I made a 1mm square and didn't see it move as I was cutting air. I didn't include g20 or g21 commands i the code and haven't tried that yet. I can now make straight cuts using metric. The machine didn't recognize G02 for an arc or G12 for a circle pocket. I know some controllers interpret codes differently and some don't have all the G codes available. So has anyone figured out what this board is capable of, what code it recognizes?

If the board is limited, then has anyone put a better board in the machine?


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Looks to be a basic 3 axis set up.

Are there any markings on the control board? It looks like there might be a number in the upper left corner. You might google that number to see if you can find control software to down load.
Are there any other boards in the control cabinet?
What kind of interface is used between the CNC and the computer?
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