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I have a router table built from your plans, and was formerly a subscriber to
"Router Bits and Tips" I have purchased other items from you as well. My router is a Hitachi 3 1/2 hp.

I am an 84 year old codger who has more time to work in my shop, but am energy deficient. At best, I can work 20-30 minutes, then rest an additional 20-30 minutes. The temp here has been in the 100's +, which keeps me out of my shop til it cools off a bit.

Your information says that you are on the Woodworkers Channel--I have Directv, but this channel is not listed.

Sincerely, Virgil
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Hi Virgil,

Take it easy in the heat and take a lot of breaks like you say. I too have a medical condition that leaves me energy deficient just as you explained.

The Woodworking channel is on the internet and NOT TV. You can find it at this link

Best wishes and good health to you.
Welcome to the forums you "ole" codger. Do like Bob N says and take breaks and stay cool.
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