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General Int. table saw

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Hi Guys,
After reading all the comments about table saws on another thread, I'd like to ask for comments on the saw I am still thinking about. I'm upgrading my small Delta saw but I'm still waiting for the dealer here in Red Deer, Alberta to get some in so I can look at one. I'm looking spec. at the Model 220. It has a cabinet so I can control the dust a little better. Does anyone own this saw? Do you like it? Any problems? Is the 2 HP motor big enough? There must be a few out there because everyone sold out after the wood shows here in Alberta this fall.

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Hi Scotty,

I don't own one but my friend purchased one and he is quite the researcher when it comes to tools. I used it and it was very smooth and stable feeling. Didn't cut any big stuff so can't comment much on that. I know I'd like to have it place of my Delta though :)
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