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Ed: I don't think they list them that way. But if you go to the Oak Park web site,
they have a listing of which plates fit which routers with a little extrapolition you may
be able to figure it out. They have a plate that fits four hole and three hole routers
and then identifiys the particular brands, ie PC, Makita etc The big PC routers
use special plates because of the large screws, like the 7518, and 7539. Hope this
helps a little.

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Woodnut, that would show which models have the same hole patterns, but not what the hole patterns actually are. Rousseau mounting kits are sold based on which routers they will fit but again, doesnt give a clue as to what the actual patterns are. Ed, I think this would be a handy reference but nobody lists them. Perhaps we should create one? It would be very simple to remove base plates and place them on a scanner. By adding actual dimensions to the scanned image we could create a database in a matter of minutes. Then perhaps Mark could set us up a reference thread. What do you think?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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