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I am new to this forum. I was into woodworking a long time ago and am now getting back into it. So long my craftsman tools are considered vintage I guess like me.
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welcome to the forums Gerald aka N/A...
Welcome, Gerald...and welcome back to woodworking...
Welcome to the forum Gerald . If your willing to share pics of your projects , we like em
Welcome to the forum and back to woodworking, Gerald!

And yes, we do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.

Here are some photo posting tips if you’re using your phone or iPad – the best way for proper orientation is to shoot landscape (widescreen). Rotate your phone or iPad CCW for proper orientation. If you want your photos to be portrait then open the photo in a viewer on your computer, rotate it to the orientation you want, then save it in that orientation. It will be correct when you upload it to the servers here. If you’re shooting video please shoot widescreen like our monitors, not portrait.

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Welcome Gerald. Glad you decided to jump back into making sawdust. A lot of those older Craftsman tools were very good. The new stuff? Not so much.
Only my tools are older than me, thankfully. We look forward to your vintage background - welcome!
Hi Gerald and welcome.
Welcome to the forum Gerald.
Hello and welcome to the router forum, Gerald
Welcome aboard Gerald. Nothing wrong with vintage. I like most of my hand planes that way....
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