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Glad to be here,
Just purchased a Freud FT1700 vari-speed with fixed and plunge base for $95, and an Incra plate. All this going in a diy table.
Do you gents have any sage advice before I start drilling holes in this $100 piece of aluminum ?
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Not me, I make mine out of 1/2" plywood. I have found tho that it is well worth the time marking out where you want the holes. So, I'd double and triple check first. Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum :)
Hello andl welcome to the router forum!
Merry Christmas
Welcome to the forum.
Glad you joined the fun. I laid my router base on the aluminum plate then used center hole punches (cheap at Harbor Freight) to mark the exact hole locations. The slight detent will make sure your drill press bit is right on. A center hole punch set will allow you to use the largest possible size punch for each hole.
Since you're getting started, here's a pdf of the 17 things that helped accelerate my woodworking learning curve. It has pictures. Also, Stick should be along sometime soon with some really useful information about basic router use and safety.


Welcome to the forum Joe.
Ok Godzilla,

So before you start rampaging through Tokyo consider this. Return you Incra and check out:

The Bench Dog Plate from Rockler is predrilled for the FT1700E. So you do not have to destroy Tokyo. But if you cannot return the base you have be very careful about drilling your plate. If at all possible use a drill press to drill holes. You will have to figure out if you need a stepped hole or a V shaped hole to secure the router to the base plate. If you are drilling a stepped hole then the holes need to be close but not perfect. If you are drilling a V shaped (Flathead) hole then you have to be much more precise.

I would recommend you take your router base plate and trace it on a piece of paper. Then use a pencil to shade the holes you are about to make. Use some spray adhesive on the paper and stick it to your router place to drill. Also use a center punch to mark your holes.

Stepped holes can be made with a Forester bit and then a smaller diameter drill bit. The V shaped hole (Flathead Screw) needs to have the through hole drilled first then the counter sink (V shaped) hole second.

Use a hold down for both type of holes so the second drilling will be perfectly lined up with the first hole.

Good Luck
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Much easier to get a pre-drilled plate as suggested. If not Stepped hole is easier.
These are much better for marking the center of an existing screw hole: and not expensive at all. I would still also use a drill press if you have one. How are you planing on going about it?
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