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Getting Started

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I am in the process of starting a small business. I have handed business cards. I have shown potential costomers photos of my work,but haven't recieved any calls yet. Need help on how to get things rolling. Also need help with giving a price (to a coustomer) for my work, such as cabinets and furniture. I would appreciate the help that anyone can give.
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Thinking back how did I get started. I built a cabinet for my neighbour then from that project came 2 projects from her friends. Business grew from the word of mouth. You have to network and pass out your cards to all your friends and relatives to start. The word of mouth is the best advertising and now with the Internet people have access to your stuff 24/7. Get yourself a professional looking website to post your pictures and be sure to put the address on your business cards. Maybe make the name of your business your URL like we have
Welcome to the forums palart! Best of luck to you!
Welcome to the forums palart. Wish the best of luck to you on your venue.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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