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Getting too old and tired of cleaning up sawdust

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Just moaning about getting too old for this hobby. Bought all the gadgets and gizmos when I was working and had some spare change. Now I have to give it away to get rid of it. Woodworking does not seem to interest many younger adults. That includes my three grown sons who have no interest in free tools. Cell phones and the internet have turned people off to working with their hands.
Thanks to anyone who bothered to read my rant.
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Welcome to the forum, Phil.
There are people out there who would kill to have our tools. I know of one who'd build a shop just to house what I have.

Maybe a contest?

Meanwhile, I've started assembling a binder broken into sections for sanding, drilling, carving, copper plating, sawing and so on. It contains photos of the table, band, scroll, saber and other saws, including hand saws.

Details are give regarding the table saw accessories, like dado blades, the over arm dust collection-guard, the box joint jig, the Merlin Splitter, the Shop Fox kick down extension, the mortising jig and so on. It shows the calipers that would cost $120 to replace, the Narex chisels, the draw knife, the mallets and hammers, the fortune in bits, the letter and other templates and so on. It describes the variable speed, four wheel grinder with CBN wheels.

Included are retail prices and replacement prices. In the end, it's a way of insuring some ass doesn't convince my wife to sell my cabinet saw for five hundred bucks, with a warning that it may not happen overnight.
My wife has a pretty good idea of what has value and what doesn't after our days past buying and flipping a few houses, plus selling and buying our primary home with LOTS of work done with her being the Project Manager. Our kids, no clue. I'm visualizing a fleet of dumpsters if they do the disposal... not just my shop but the house full of collectibles and STUFF we happen to like. Memorabilia they have no memory of, its OUR memories. Never mind, just us old folks' pity party.... let's go build something! (We need to put a laminate or wood floor in a bedroom - anyone have an idea how to do it without breaking my back on my knees? We did a dining room a few houses and decades back so we get it.)
I was going to will my tools to my son in law, but he died a few months ago of Covid. No one else seems interested. I figure the used value of all my tools is about $6,000 or so. Retail was more than double that. Lots of top grade tools. When I have to give it up, I'm going to try to sell it all at once. It would cost probably $500 to 2K to transport it, depending to the distance. Happily that day hasn't yet arrived.
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If I'm gonna worry about it, I'll just get rid of it.
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My worry is, Maree will sell it for what I told her it cost........LOL

Sorry to hear about your SIL, @DesertRatTom
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I'm not concerned. I'm just not going!
Oh you're going all right... Up, Down, Sideways... But you're going!!! 🤪
Unfortunately, I'm nearing the same situation. When each of my kids (1 boy, 3 girls) got married, I went to one of the big box stores and filled up a large tool box with a variety of hand tools, hardware and a drill, to get them started in taking care of their various residences. What happened? Each time I visited they had a list of jobs for me to do and, oh yeah, that tool box is around here somewhere. When I found it, it was always in terrible condition.

In terms of my wood shop, everything will have to go, either when I can no longer do the work, or when I'm no longer around. In terms of "no longer around", I've been working on a "survivor's book" for either my wife or kids depending on the situation. Pricing out the larger tools in my shop will be part of that. My brother did that before he passed and it made life much easier for his widow. None of it is a pleasant task but part of life.
So many people just don't appreciate something that was given to them. If they have to work to pay for it THEN they will take care of it!
I'm just starting to feel the age a bit at 64 but I think I'm lucky that my son (who will inherit the shop) is interested in woodworking. He doesn't have room in his current home for much so inheriting a good-sized shop will be a big bonus.

I really like the idea of leaving behind a book with details on the machines. Some are rather complicated if you don't know them. I'm no expert by any means but sometimes it just takes a little pointing in the right direction, eh?

And in the meantime, I am going to enjoy working with much better machines than I had most of my life!!
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