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Giving Back.... But Hurry

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So much has been given to me here in the way of help and advice, I want to give back by passing on some information that I just learned.

I hope this is not an inappropriate post and if so please delete and advise.

The news is that Lowes is discounting all power tools etc beginnig Dec 15 thru Dec 21 and Home Depot is jumping on the same band wagon with their sale beginning Dec 17. That leaves a 2 day window for Home Depot to have to match Lowes pricing plus another 10% store policy for meeting the competition for identical items.

Oh man.... time to go Christmas shopping for sure.
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Thanks for the tip!!! I'll be taking advantage of that for sure.
Merry Christmas,
Many of the same tools are now cheaper on Amazon with free shipping and no tax. Apparantly they are offering 20% off many power tools as well.

Yes, I found that out early this morning as well as a $25 coupon for use on brand name power tool purchases over $199. Split an order for Dewalt into 2 orders for several items and was able to use the coupon twice. Saved $50 extra in addition to the discounts.

I am starting to feel guilty buying myself all this at Christmas time.

Got to more major purchases to make at Home Depot and thats after hitting Lowes on my lunch hour. At this rate I'm going to break the bank, but at least I'll have a well equiped shop to get me started.

Happy Holidays to all.

Bob N
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