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Glad to be here

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This looks like a great place. I'm pretty new to woodworking. I live in
New Mexico. My first question, I want to build my own router table and I
thought maybe some one could give me some advice
as far as a good size for a table top model as my shop is not very big.
Or a link to some plans, I've seen a few but lost track of where I found them.

Thanks, Walt
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Hello, welcome to the community!
Greetings Walt.

I'm also a big fan of benchtop router tables. A good size seems to be about 18x24". This is less of an issue if you make your own fence. I have a couple of commercially available fences designed for benchtop tables and 24" is a good width for these.

As far as plans... there are billions out there on the web. I'll post a few. A good strategy is to use mdf for the table; if you glue up two pieces of 3/4" stock you'll get a very nice table. My local Home Depot has 2x4' sheets of mdf for $6. This would be more than enough for a table.

Most folks like to cover the table top and bottom with formica or other laminate. For my next table I intend to use hardboard masonite) for the top.

If you do a search on these forums you'll find lots of great user's router tables. (in "projects" section)

This is a good plan available for purchase but you should be able to find some good freebies:

Have fun,
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Walt, one of the simplest table designs is also the easiest to use, and that is The Router Workshop table. The plans are $4 from Oak Park. You can build the table and a base cabinet from a single sheet of 1/2" plywood. Overall size is 30" x 16", and the neat thing about this design is you can eliminate the base cabinet and side storage under the table and have a great little portable table to set on your bench.(18-1/2" x 16")
Welcome to the forums Walt!

Hi there Walt. Welcome to the forums. You are right, this is a great place, and people are too.
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