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Glass etching

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Does anyone use their CNC for etching glass with diamond bits? If so what speed what bits what depth? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thinking about investing in a small CNC foe engraving on small boxes and if possible etching logos in glass.
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Nice work Ralph.... that sorta reminds me of that guy Sam Alfano
who does metal carving on knives and the like.
Real wicked stuff.

Yea, Im changing the scene here. Goto
There's p--p load of goodies, tips & tricks

I dont see why this couldnt be applied to cnc.
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All I can say is WOW!!! , and you hand cut the stencils? I could never hand cut them, even it was just following he lines with a knife. I like the photo exposing method better because it doesn't require hand cutting.

Have you tried hand cutting?
In late '80s I gave a number of one day hands on seminars on glass etching. At one of them, an elderly gentleman with obvious hand tremor attended. He had trouble drawing. However, the moment he put his provided Xacto knife into his project, he discovered that the tip didn't move (held by the Contac paper). He was delighted as the knife behaves entirely different than a pencil or a pen. He completed his project with ease and confidence.

The 3 seminar projects were a glass coffee cup and 5x7 pieces of clear glass and one of mirror. Tracing paper, carbon paper and many design books were provided.

Note: better referred as masking or resist. "Stencil" implies that it is one piece and the design of the holes make up the design. I have used the same mylar stencil repeatably, with the blasting it tends to get thinner. The previous peacock project I posted earlier took 13 stencils - all the same slalom shape that the feathers have. As they wore out, I made another identical stencil.

With the Rayzist method what is your size restriction? Can you post a picture of your setup to create them?
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41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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