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glenx signing in

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have heard good things about this site and hope to pick up a lot of tips and advice from "routerists" who are far more experienced than I. I don't do a lot of routering, have a ryobi 160 in an american standard table and will be getting a plunge in the near future as i find removing/installing a real pita.
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Welcome Glen! YEah, unless you are using one of the newer fixed base-plunge base router packs where you could put the fixed base in the table and use the plunger for hand held and just easily slip the motor in and out, otherwise it is a real pain for sure. Or you can just dedicate a router to the table which is what most people do but, do consider one of the plunge/fixed base packages when you guy again. I bought the dewalt DW618 PK and I personally think it is the best feeling routers I have ever used. I now use the DW 625 in the router table full time. I do plan on putting an extension on my table saw and installing the DW 618 fixed base in it. Anyway, welcome and have a great time here!

Welcome to the forums Glen! :)
Welcome to the router community Glen. Glad to have you join us. This in my opinion is a great forum for router users and woodworkers.
Welcome Glen. Like you, routers are only a part of what I do but this forum caters for all. Check out the woodturning, scroll saw or any of the other threads.
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