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Glue Caddy on the CNC

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Well after knocking over my glue bottles 50,000 times and picking them up and putting them right back only to knock them off again and again.... I finally put my foot down and said enough of this crazyness! I am working myself to death picking up titebond III and Dap 30 minute glue and all my CA and accelerators... BAAAAH Humbug!

So here is two videos. One is using a scanner to scan the glue bottles bottoms and the layout of those and then the cut on the CNC and the box joint box using the CNC gadget with Vcarve Pro. Fun and it turned out great. ALSO I made my first French Cleat EVER to hang this glue caddy up on the wall as I put it back on the Bandsaw table due to ole dogs hav ole habits.
(12) glue caddy - YouTube

Then on to the CNC
(12) Glue Caddy Part 2 vcarvePro - YouTube

I did add a 1/4 by 20 all rod with a handle on it so I could pick up the whole thing with one hand.
I would change a few things in these videos but it was fun either way.
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