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Hey guys,

I was recently talking to a furniture maker around here and he recommended using some kind of a polyurethane glue that he said you could find at any hardware store. He said it came in crystals or flakes and you mixed it with mineral spirits or something like that. We got interrupted at that point, and I could not ask him any more questions. Does this glue sound familiar to you? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

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I think this is what he was talking about but you would mix it with water not mineral spirits..
Mineral spirits would stain the wood..

LIBERON Pearl Glue

But I have Not used it so I would not know what the advantages and disadvantages would be...

Bj :)
Sounds like hide glue, but my knowledge of this kind of thing is shaky. Instrument makers use hide glue because it holds up well to extreme temperatures. I'm not sure if it's commonly used on furniture, though. And I don't think you use mineral spirits to mix it.
After doing a check on the glue type I found out what the advantages are.

1) It comes in a dry format
2) it will last for a long time.(Scotch glue)
3) you can store it for years in the pastic bag/can unlike the normal hide glue.
4) you can just mix up what you need to use and save the rest.
5) it's a strong glue and can be used inside or outside
6) it's thick glue, and will fill the pockets of the joint, the key to a strong joint is to keep the joint from moving ,once the part moves in side the joint any glue will fail. (just one of the disadvantages of a dowel pin joint if not done right)

disadvantages are ▼

1) you need to mix it a day b/4 you need to use it.
2) once you mix it you can't save it
3) you must use a brush to put it in the joints
4) it will not take a stain
5) it will turn a light yellow when dry
6) it's made for dowel pins joints the norm or hidden joints.

A traditional Animal glue for laying wood veneers and for gluing furniture joints (also known as Scotch glue).
Soak the glue overnight before use.
Always melt glue in clean water in a proper glue pot.
An average mix is 1 part glue to 4 parts water.

Hope this helps

Bj :)
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Hide glue was about the only that was used on furniture until after WW11,while it is messy and has a short open time it makes a very solid joint,and its is easily repairable. If you ever have to repair an older piece of furniture you will glad the maker used hide glue.


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