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Glueing jig

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Jig made to join narrow boards edge to edge. Uses threaded rod(any length) and 2 rabbeted boards rabbets facing up to capture the board edges. No need for clamps. Holes are bored simultaneously for alignment just under the rabbet to fully support the boards.


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Nice, simple and it works. What more can you want. :)
Yet another good idea and I like the way the grain has been placed in the demo.
Nice Jig Bill. Very simple, but also very efficient.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jack from Ontario Canada
That is a great idea for a caul Bill. Thanks for sharing.
Well now, that's pretty neat, Bill.
Actually what you have made here is a clamp - it's just not store bought!
You have demonstrated very smart work and "thinking outside the box". I make things like this constantly (never exactly this though) and they're super handy and easy on the budget. We woodworkers very frequently find ourselves in situations where using something "home-made" is the best approach to successful construction. Very nice! OPG3
love the jig but just wondered with threads just below do you get any cupping or am i worrying about nothing.
love the jig but just wondered with threads just below do you get any cupping or am i worrying about nothing.
That's usually the reason for alternating sides with clamps. It's to give even clamping pressure on the joint & to help reduce the tendency to cupping. You don't want the center of your clamping force applied to one side of the material. I think it would be more of a problem with material that's a little wider than shown in the photo.

Maybe a clamp could be added to this jig in the other direction over the joint to hold the joint down in the jig?
It looks like it would be easy enough to add a couple of flat boards and as many wide throat clamps as needed to keep the work flat.

It ain't Rocket Surgery.... If it was, Moses would have needed an engineer to build the Ark!
But you missed the Rocket surgery.......:agree:

It was Noah not Moses that built the ark!
It takes very little pressure to clamp a glue up. The object is to hold the boards firmly together; not compress them. This is why small items are clamped with rubber bands or tape. To help with alignment build a simple clamping caul. Be sure to place wax paper between the cauls and your wood so they do not stick.


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Simple and Great. It looks like if you wanted to glue wider sections just get longer rods. That is just down right neat.
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