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Hi Salty:
Yes there is a difference in glues. Titebond 1 is regular wood glue, 2 is water resistant
Gorilla glue is a poly urethane glue. It drys with the presense of water. You can put it on one side of a joint, and water on the other and it will form a really good bond.
But when working with biscuits you want a glue that contains water, Like titebond 1
or Elmers professional glue. The water causes the biscuits to swell in the slot and
makes a mechanical bond it addition to the glue bond itself. If the project will be
used outside then u use Titebond 2 or the gorilla glue with the biscuits. Avoid
using a glue that sets to fast as sometimes you need the time to assemble the project.

Hope this help.. woodnut65
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