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For Halloween this year I was asked to make a fishing game for our Church's 'trunk or treat' for the kids to play with. I had made one a long time ago with fancier reels and fish, but I didn't have that kind of time this year. I ran to the internet and downloaded a handful of coloring book pages of fish, and stack cut them on the scroll saw. I painted them with $1 paint containers I got from the Oops bin at Lowes and HD, and added a screw for the eye.

I made the poles out of some leftover mop handles I had from another project, and some dowels I bought. I end drilled the mop handle, but I didn't like how secure the dowel felt in the hole, so I wanted to reinforce it. I had some leftover 1-3/4 oak pieces, that I thought would make a good reel, and support the joint between the dowel and the handle. Instead of doing it by hand, I thought I would use the CNC for fun (and because the dowel diameter and mop handle diameter didn't match my drill bits exactly).

The project turned out OK, and the kids had fun with it. We threw a kiddie pool in the bed of the truck (on top of some heavy rubber mats so the magnets didn't stick to the bed of the truck) and piled the fish in. We were supposed to put blue balloons in the pool as water, but the wind kept blowing them out, so we got rid of them. Big kids fished from the parking lot, little kids fished from the truck bed. The fish were all scraps, so some were lightweight ply, and some were heavy MDF, and took a little skill to get into the net.

My only criticism of this project versus the original one I made was the diameter of the reel shaft. It took a lot of cranks to raise and lower the magnetic hook, which was a little frustrating for some of the smaller kids. I will try to find pictures of the long lost original fishing pole and reel

Almost everything was from scrap, except for 6 screw eyes, 24 screws and nuts, some paint, and 1 6 foot 1/2 inch dowel.


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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