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Good Router Bits

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Based on this post by reible I am curious who the better bit manufactures are.

I have used bits by Freud, Kensington's? (the yellow bits) and whatever brand Lee Valley sells. Are they all pretty similiar? Are there better bits? All these and more questions do I have.

Before anyone asks, I don't always like Yoda talk. :)
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I have found that the Whiteside bits have been the best for me.They are a little more costly but that is offset by their quality and performance.
All of these ones you speak of I can only import. I use Linbide and Triton for the good bits and throw away ones for the every day bits. For my straight flutes and roundovers I get very cheap, use them 10 times and throw them away ones. All the others (T,G & V, drawer locks, dovetail and the likes) I get the Linbide or Triton. Works well for me anyway!! :D

Hope this helps,
I find freud, CMT, Onsrud, and Amana are all good bits.

I use primarily Freud, but I bought a Porter-Cable 1/2" straight bit and it's good too.
The 'new' Porter bits I found out are being made by Oldham( Check prices between them for the best value.
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