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I have a similar arrangement made by Rip Dogs (unfortunately no longer available) which works very well, although it becomes a little cumbersome trying to move the rail with the arms attached in a smallish work space.

The following video shows a very ingenious home-made version, made with scraps and offcuts, that does the same basic job - although you wold have to make one for each width, but could have a collection for the various "standard" widths that you rip - e.g. upper and lower cabinet sides, shelves, etc. (although the shelves could be made using a shim between the fence and edge of the material). Building the jig starts at around 4:00

There is also a video by Dan Pattison of a variable version as mentioned by @Cherryville Chuck, including the adjustable setting fixture.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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