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goodby Craftsman

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After looking for router sub-bases and router guides, I have decided what I need is a new router. I have been watching the Router Workshop and watched Bob and Rick, with those routers that the motor comes out of the base......Found one and have decided to buy a DeWalt DW618Pk. I will take the springs out of the 1/2 1/4 sears router and mount it in the main router table, will put the small sears in the router table, I got from Harbor Freight. BTW Harbor Freight has some nice Chicago routers, they also have tables and bits. Just type harbor freight into your search engine.
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That is what I did there trap had a craftsman fixed based router couldn't get the height adjuster to works so I traded it in for a 690 porter cable. I'm very happy with the two of them I have now.
HD had the porter Cable 690 for $99 but fixed base only. You should be very happy with the DeWalt. Sears has one router made by Bosch that has recieved favorable comments. Can't think of the model right now but it's not black. It's almost the same as the Bosch 1617EVS.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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