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I am not a computer whiz, so my wife types my messages.
But I do have questions now and again that some of you
out there may be able to answer for me.
I am a wood crafter, rather than a wood worker and attempt
small projects that people ask me to make for them. I haven't
attempted furniture making to this point of time and my shop
isn't set up for large items.
One thing I do want to find out, is whether anyone out there
has templates made up in acrylic form, rather than wood pieces.
And if so, are they worth the cost and where is a good place to
get them. (Now don't shoot me because I asked that question)
I just find them easier to work with and easier to store in my
limited shop space.
Bye for now - Goofy

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Hello Goofy

Welcome to the RouterForums Goofy. You can't be to goofy if you can get your wife to type your messages. :D Great wife you have there. And there are no dumb, stupid or ignorant questions here.
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