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Got the deal of the year

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I have a newer rip fence for my old saw at the church. Great price to FREE!!! I found it at the other forum a person got a new fence for his saw and offered it free no charge even for the postage. Man I must have stepped into something. What a luck. :D
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best price in the world,, Glenn.... congradulations,
Welcome to the forum Leo. Hope you enjoy it here a lot of good people here to help out. Terry I can't wait to get it I'm beaming with anticapation. Still didn't get that video of the sawmill yet. Soposed to go back to work tomorrow at the church. Kids are back in school tomorrow. YIPEE!!!! I'll get my freedom back.
Well I got it today

Well I got the fence today even came with a tennoning jig. Lots better then the one I bought for the tablesaw and easier to put on rails come in 2 pieces instead of on continuos piece can't wait to put it on and try it out. Padre said something about making cabinets for the hall couldn't come at a better time. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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