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grease on machines

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What does everyone use to remove the grease and oil on a new piece of equipment? I put together my jointer yesterday, and am scratching my head as to what the best thing to use, is. The bed and fence are covered in the stuff.

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I had a similar problem with my tablesaw. WD-40 worked, but the bit cleaner that came with the Boeshield T-9 kit worked pretty good as well. Used a white (ultra-fine) scotchbrite pad and most of it came off fairly easy. I'm sure that most any degreaser would work pretty well.

Enjoy your new toy!
Wd-40, or other "degreaser" works. However, once you remove the grease, it is suggested that you cover that machine with a wax of some sort to help prevent any rusting. Thus, why you have grease an oil on the machines.
Hi: You can use kerosene or home heating oil to remove the grease> together with a scotch brite pad. The oil base will not cause rust but if you wipe off the oil then you should use a rust preventer,> Make sure anything you use does not contain Silicone,
as that will get onto your wood and screw up any finish you may use later. Woodnut65
get this kit it can be found at a lot of supplyers Boeshield T-9 kit
Plain old mineral spirits and a rag always worked well for me. A generious coat of Johnson's Furnature Paste Wax afterwards on bare metal. Nothing fancy, but it works well. Oh, I forgot......Elbow Grease.
Oh, I forgot......Elbow Grease.

I've been rubbing my elbows on machinery for years, and they still somehow rust???

Sorry I couldn't resist. :)
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