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Great Bandsaw Videos!

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Alex Snodgrass of Carter Products, is pretty much THE authority on band saw setup. Most of us have seen his video made at the woodworking show, but he has more recently done another on rehabilitating a band saw, which includes changing tires without too much pain and agony, and adjusting top and bottom guides.

Note that the quick release lever is for certain 14s inch saws only. (

Here are both videos, rehab first.

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While I'm at it, Carter makes a nice log cutting mill to slice your own wood from a found or harvested log. At about $140 on Amazon, it is very tempting. You can make one, of course, but this would be nice to have without having to make one. This is limited to about an 18 inch long log of about 9-10 inch diameter. Looks fairly easy to make something like this, but you would have to work out some sort of movable clamping device. The end stop is easy enough. Slots and Ttracks and Tnuts would make it much easier to make, mostly with a table saw, but using the router to cut the grooves.

Note that anything much longer that 20 inches of the Carter jig will likely require a ramp that is perfectly level with the saw's table to support the weight. 18 inches or so would be sufficient for a box maker, or for making panels. This was very interesting to say the least.

If someone has a shop made mill they made, like, or even a video, please feel free to post it. As for me, I have a couple of very nice Ash logs that may get this treatment. Don't forget, you can find a tree trimming company and buy logs from them. I bet there's a fair amount of good hardwood going up in smoke because no one asked for a few logs. This is actually why I bought the Laguna fourteen/12. Just never got around to making a mill and this would work for me. Any thoughts gang?

Here's a video on an ultra simple shop made jig that would also work, although it depends on placing a screw into the log, which would spoil a few pieces.


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I have a 14” Jet bandsaw. I have met and talked to Alex at the Indianapolis Woodworking show. Traffic was slow while we were talking and he allowed me to try out his saw. Need less to say he made a sale. I have the carter guides and the quick release. I resaw a lot of walnut and as Alex stated do no have run out. Cuts are straight.

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I have also also met and talked with Alex. Really nice guy and knows his stuff. I had seen and downloaded the Bandsaw Clinic video just after getting my Laguna 14-12 and learned far more from that then the manual. The manual was good for assembling and safety info but use wise was different. Laguna says to have the blade centered on the wheel while Alex demonstrates aligning the gullet of the blade on the center. If you think and try this you'll see the reasoning. Since then I've always aligned with the gullet on the center of the tire and I have 0 run out. I can prove it with my calipers. I also made sure my fence was square to the blade that was square to the table. To be clear you square the table to the blade and the fence to the blade........and I use this resaw blade
Steve, thanks for the heads up on the woodslicer blade. I have the Laguna Resaw King, which is excellent, but the blade is far thicker. I might just get the wood slicer, but it is not meant for resawing green wood. There's not a lot of recycled wood, like barnwood, around these parts.

It surprised me when I realized how often I walk over to the bandsaw to make a cut of some sort.
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