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Great information on this Forum, so I joined

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Amongst other things I want to make my own stretcher frames for painting canvases and picture frames. So I have set up a workshop under my house with a large window, lights, power, sink with hot and cold water, concrete floor, bench, cabinets, etc.
I already have some hand tools and some power tools.
New purchases are a Makita LS1016 mitre saw and a Makita RT0700CX router with the plunge base and Makita 446L vacuum dust extractor.
If time and jobs increase in the future, I intend to buy a bigger router to fix to a table …(I do like the look of the Torque Work Centre bench, but they cost a bit though).
As I am not going to need anything flash for router bits to start of with, I was wondering on what would be a good set of 1/4-inch shaft bits?

…..Where to buy router bit sets in Australia? Masters have the Skil brand sets.
For what I imagine I need, one of the following I found online might be a start.
MLCS 6069 Woodworking 1/4-Inch shank Carbide-tipped Router Bit Set, 30-Piece $101.95 (Plus $60.00 shipping).
Or the better quality Whiteside 402 7-piece Router Bit Set, 1/4 Shank $95.04.(Plus $51.87 shipping).
Or Freud 88-100 9-piece Router Bit Set 1/4-Inch shank $129.99 (Plus $60.00 shipping). All USD.
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Hi David, shipping to Oz is a real killer. MLCS bits are not high quality but will do for many projects and they are very affordable. If you want your bits to last then maybe higher quality is a better investment. Whiteside is as good as they come; these bits will last longer and make cleaner cuts.
Hey David, it's great to meet you and have you as a member of our community, welcome! :)
Welcome to the forum.

Thank you for joining us, David.

The export cost from Australia to Tasmania is a killer........ROTFL.

Try this site for quality Australian cutters.
Australian router bits and cutters at

Just a reminder that you do not need 10 posts to upload your photos to the forums. Click the go advanced button and you will find a button that says manage attachments. Select this and you will be able to upload your photos.
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Welcome to the forum David.
Welcome to the forum, I am a new member myself have learned a lot here.
Just a bit of advise if you can steer clear of Skil do it.....long story short their customer service on warranty is a killer and frustrating :angry:to say the least, I personally will not deal with them again....:no:
David, I'm here in Perth, so I know the problems with postage. I would suggest CARBATEC to for the info. They have a great range, and I agree about the SKIL brand. They are a pain. My advice is to get the best bits that you can afford. Skip the cheap ones, they are bad news.
Carb-I-tool all the way. All there catalogues are available to download online too.
After looking at what i intend to be doing initially with the new router, I went for the following Whiteside 1/4" shank Router Bits. (Part numbers shown on the left).

1013 - 1/4" Straight
1026 - 1/2" Straight
2402 - 1/2" x 1" Flush Trim
1801 - 3/8" Radius Cove
1900 - 1/2" Rabbeting
2003 - 3/8" Radius Roundover
2302 - 45 Degree Chamfer

(*The above are in the #402 7 Piece Basic Router Router Bit Set).

1403 - 3/8" Round Nose

1908 - 5/32" Rabbeting, Biscuit Joining & Slotting

1023 - 3/8" Straight

3224 - 5/8" Ogee

I purchased all from and the postage was only $22.45 USD.
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