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Green horn struggling with router

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Good evening all. Thanks for having me on the forum. Much appreciated.
I've just started the whole woodwork thing and plan to build my own 3-in-1 DIY table saw with router and jigsaw. Rather than go new, I bought a used router with accompanying bits on Ebay to just get used to things before I go bigger and better. It's a Black & Decker kw800 710w. Bits are 1/4" Piranha. When ai put them into the collet and tie the nut they still just flop out without even touching the sides. I've used the spanner and all. Could it have a 8mm collet on perhaps? I'm at a loss.
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1/4" translates as 6.25 mm.
8 mm bits dont translate well at all.
1/2" bits are 12.5 mm.
There are 12 mm bits in the world, but so far havent seen any personally.
you need a reasonable quality vernier caliper for woodwork anyway, so buy one and check out what you have.

DO NOT EVER attempt to mix and match any size router bits, injury and possible maiming will occur.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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