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Green horn struggling with router

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Good evening all. Thanks for having me on the forum. Much appreciated.
I've just started the whole woodwork thing and plan to build my own 3-in-1 DIY table saw with router and jigsaw. Rather than go new, I bought a used router with accompanying bits on Ebay to just get used to things before I go bigger and better. It's a Black & Decker kw800 710w. Bits are 1/4" Piranha. When ai put them into the collet and tie the nut they still just flop out without even touching the sides. I've used the spanner and all. Could it have a 8mm collet on perhaps? I'm at a loss.
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Metric collet and Imperial bits don't mix. Collets are incredibly precise, a few thousandths is enough movement to tighten it up. Here's a pix of the parts of a collet, just FYI.

I have also attached a pdf of the 18 plus things that really sped up my learning curve. Note that it's long, but has pictures. And I did it over a period of a decade, my peak earning years, so don't think you have to do it all at once. Ask lots of questions, we love to give the next bunch of woodworkers a leg up.

Stick will be along shortly with a set of pdfs that are as good as any two or three books on woodworking. Be sure you read through them. Safety is a huge issue in woodworking!


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