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Sounds like you are located east of the Atlantic (and possibly south of the Equator?).

I have an older, but almost identical B&D - only 400W, still use it from time to time. It came with 6mm, 1/4" and 8mm collets. Sunnybob is right - get a vernier. If your bits are true 1/4" (not to be taken for granted because it said so in the advert), they would not fit into a 6mm collet, but would swim in the 8mm one. BTW, I am assuming there is a collet in place? Looks like the one in Tom's diagram, but simpler.

As an aside, I would not recommend mounting that router in a table - the motor housing on mine has a collar (like that on a power drill for the auxiliary handle) that fits into a socket in the plunge mechanism. Perhaps it is just mine, but the motor body slips slightly under axial load, altering the depth of plunge.
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