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Greeting from NC

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Just joined and am taking up the offer to introduce myself. I am retired and two years before retirement the LOML gave the go ahead to build a stand alone shop. It is 16 x 24 (basically a garage package with a few mods). I have all the normal toys, tablesaw, bandsaw, drill press, planer, jointer, router table, dust collector, lathe, shaper, combo belt/disc sander, etc, and all sorts of handheld. Since this is a router forum, for the table I have an M12V, I have a Makita combo set (fixed/plunge bases), a DeWally 621, an old Craftsman, an old Skil, and a Harbor freight laminate trimmer. 90% of the use is on the table and 8% is with the Makita or DeWally, the rest is with the other three.

I am happily married for 40 years and have two great kids (a daughter/ER nurse and a son/CSI) and four really neat grandkids (1 and 3 respectfully), the 3 that my son has includes one set of twins. I FLOG and for thsoe that don't recognize that, it is golf spelled backwards and precisely describes my game (but I do have fun). I am active in the community, church and Masons (I average three meetings a week between all the committees/panels I am on).

Anyone passing down I-85 in north-central NC, I have three exits off of I-85 and welcome visitors.

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Welcome Gator! Nothing like a full schedule to keep you on your toes.
Great another retiree. Welcome gator to the forums. Sounds like your shop is pretty well equiped to do all types of woodworking. Seems like you can never have to many routers. I go to auctions and can't pass a router up. or a router and table (mostly stamped steel). Glad to have you with us. Be "SAFE" and enjoy your wood working. I think you already enjoy the family.
Hey gator, welcome to the community, look forward to disucssing woodworking with you!
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