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Greetings and Questions

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Hello Router Forum Team,

I am looking to build Jack Cox's Pivot Frame Jig and use my small Dewalt trim router's plunge base. I have been looking for specifications for the base, such as the size of the rod holes that go through the base, I measured 8.5 mm. What is the screw size that clamps the rods in the slots? I believe they are metric as well. I have been looking for the specifications but they are not published anywhere have found. Also, the spacing of those holes. FYI, the base model number is DNP612...if that helps...

I would be nice if Dewalt published this information but their site is only a sales site.


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Welcome to the forum Denis . I’m sure the experts will help you soon
Hi Dennis, If time's of the essence, you can use the sizing samples at Home depot to check the threads. I'm with you on wishing there were details like that available. If you have calipers, you should be able to get a very accurate inside dimenaion reading on the holes in the base.
Do you have a model number for the router? I don't have a dewalt.

If you don't have a caliper to measure the holes, you can get a rough measurement of the clearance of the threaded hole using drill bits, this can then be compared to a tap and drill chart to narrow down your screw size

I personally would take the base to lowes or HD and see what looks close.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Denis
Hi Denis and welcome. Which model DW? I have a 610 and 611 but I’m not home to measure them. Fastenal has a plastic gauge which tells you bolt size and thread pitch. I also recommend getting some thread pitch gauges, ie imperial and metric. They’re cheap and can save you time and grief by showing which thread you should be using.
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I found some info that might be helpful.

Scroll down and read through the questions. One guy says the rods are 3/8 inch.
Welcome to the forum Denis.
And if you still want more info,shoot your question into the Amazon site.
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