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Greetings from Canada!

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So a little intro huh? :)

I live in Edmonton, Alberta, home of the worlds largest shopping maul (yeah, that's what I call it.. try shopping there during the holiday seasons, oy vey! :rolleyes: ) .

By trade, I'm a computer geek and electronics technician. The most enjoyable time I ever spent in school was shop class, and when after I graduated high school and had to choose a career, I decided on two choices.. electronics, or woodworking. Both are trades in Alberta, so the gov't pays for your training and you're responsible for books and materials. Sadly, finances dictated which trade I ended up taking (books are much cheaper for electronics than forking out for books _and_ materials needed for the woodworking trade).

So many years later, I decided to find a new hobby for relaxation, and woodworking was the first that came to mind. I guess you can say I'm pretty new to most of this, my abilities were limited to using a cordless drill and a handsaw *laughs*. A couple years ago I asked for some tools for xmas, namely a miter saw and a router (after watching a couple episodes of The Router Workshop and thought "man, that is such a cool tool!"). I've built a few minor things since, but have spent alot of time thinking about building some custom furniture. I'm in the process of reading and learning everything I can before I lay a tool to wood, some people say that's a weakness, better to learn as you go, but I want to keep all my appendages in the process!

So here I am, eager to absorb all the wonder these forums hold..

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Hey big kid, let me be the first to welcome you to the forum. You have a vast amount of knowledge here, and all you have to do is ask. There are no dumb questions here, because we al had to start somewhere. Really a great bunch of guys and gals willing to help from all over the world. It can be fun also. Hope to hear more from you. Again welcome.

the "Doctor"
Welcome Christopher! The good news is you can learn a great deal from books on woodworking. The bad news is just like everybody else you are going to make mistakes. If you look under projects in the Gallery you will find a small shaker table I built. This project isnt too time consuming, but it teaches glueing up boards for a top, rounding over edges with a router, tapering legs, joint placement, sanding in tight areas, and how to apply stain, polyurethane and paint to wood. You will also learn to build a jig for tapering the legs. One other nice thing is the low cost of materials. Give it a shot, and I hope you enjoy the forum as much as I do!
Hehe.. thanks.. I plan to ask lots of questions *laughs*

it's hard to watch TRW up here in Canada, at least on satellite. We have two PBS stations available on the dish, the west coast feed changes their saturday shedule seemingly every weekend but I think I finally found it on the east coast feed.

My _only_ complaint about the show is that each episode is too short, but otherwise I love it when I get a chance to watch one. I read in another thread that the shows were going to be available on DVD this past fall, but sadly I haven't seen them for sale anywhere.
Welcome Christopher it is nice to hear from you. Look forward to talking about routers with you on the forum.
Thanks guys!
Oh my, yet another Canuck!

I'm over in Japan, but I'm still Canadian eh ;)

New here myself, but welcome!

Hello Cubbie, welcome to the forums!
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