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Greetings from Colorado

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Hello all,

I've just become a forum member and would like to introduce myself. My family and I have settled in the Denver area after my retirement from the Army Special Operations Command at Fort Bragg NC. I've been a hobby woodworker most of my life with a small shop in the garage that has followed me around from post to post. As soon as I find civilian employment in Colorado I look forward to getting my wood shop set up again and get back to making shavings. My wife's family is from Denver so its good to be home to stay.
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Hello and Welcome jmtracker. Thank you for your service to our country and the best of luck on your retirement. We are a friendly group here so you should fit right in. Don't hesitate to post questions or comments... That's what we are here for and above all be safe and have fun with your hobby.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the Router Forum community JM. We are pleased to have you as a registered member of the finest Forum on the net. We hope you will find this forum fun, intertaining, and informative. We have members from all walks of life and all skill levels. Overall we are just one big happy family. Congrats on your retirement, BUT, you are seeking employment???????? You must be young enough to get in a second retirement. I like to welcome retiree's cause I are one. Again, welcome and GOD bless you for your service to our country.
W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d . . JM !!

May you enjoy being a civilian again! :) :)
Welcome to one of the best forums around and as others have already said.... Thanks so much for your service to our country. Hope you will vist us often and partake in the freindly chat here.
Welcome to the forums JM. Fly ARMY!
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