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Greetings from Dean V

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I'm Dean from Gilbert, Arizona. I'm new to woodworking and still finding my way around. Since I was 5, I've developed the love for woodworking as I watched my dad (bless his soul, he passed away 12 yrs ago) making my state-of-the-craftmanship toys with nothing more than a few hand saws, planers ,knifves, and chisels. Well, life has been a bit busy since then... I recently found "The router workshop" show on PBS from DishNetwork. This show regenerates my genuine passion with woodworking again and I started to learn about tools, woods, as well as techniques. I find a great deal of information and helps from this forum. Thank you very much for putting together such a useful and informative forum.

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Hey Dean, welcome to the forums! You've come to the right place for some helpful information. Lots of great members here! Again, welcome!
Welcome Dean

Welcome Dean,
Glad to have you on the forums. We are here to help and to have fun. Great info and some great games also. Don't be afraid to jump in and ask questions.(However silly or dumb they seem to you). :confused: Only dumb question is the one you don't ask. Again, welcome and glad you joined our group. :D

the "Doctor"
Hey dean, welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forum. Don't be afraid to ask the question. There is much knowledge on this forum.
Welcome to the forums Dean V .
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