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I have searched long and hard for a decent looking CNC Woodworking forum and I'm glad to be here at last. My name is Andy ( my partner hates that but,I'm happy with it, she prefers ' Andrew' please call me whatever you want!! ) So, I'm 55 yrs old and recently made redundant as a robotic programmer due to the current climate with the covid pandemic. Moving on, I started my own robotics business and decided to venture down the route of creating my own workspace solutions that go along with my robotics stuff. I have recently purchased a used but good condition 2001 Egurko Ortza Dart 600 cnc machine with a HSD NC plus 400 controller attached. I have many questions regarding the latter so please look out for my post's 馃槙 Please tell me lots about yourselves please for the craic!!! 馃嵒

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Welcome to the forum.
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