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Greetings from Florida

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I am about to turn on my Porter Cable 890 router for the first time. Saturday I am taking a basic router class, and I am looking forward to it. Ten fingers when I start and ten when I am done. I bought a Bosch RA1180 router table along with the router almost 10 years ago, I was too intimidated to move forward, until now.
Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. My intention is to eventually make my own kitchen cabinets.
In the meantime, Saturday is so far away and I have a Universal Router Plate question. The manual says to get a Bosch RA1185 Mounting Plate since I have a PC router. Where can I find one? There are none on eBay or Amazon. Is there a special place to buy this? Wood Craft has one for $70 is that what I need? This is just a start up tool until I am ready for something better.
Thank you
Almost 60 year old lady with a lot of spunk and big dream.
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Welcome aboard. Don't know, made my own router table, and plate.
Hello and welcome to the router forum, Dee. Yup watch those fingers
good day and welcome.

you will find a lot good links to how to's.

brands of routers are like cars everyone has one they really like. just like router tables.
for me i started out with one of the small tables. ready made. it was just to small and had fastened to a workbench. too light it moved around. it fit the budget, but a poor choice for me.
later i made one to fit the black & decker (B&D) workmate 550. it was a good table top and bit low. but it did not last. this was due to i did not remember to seal the wood wood (MDF) but i did like it so so made another two.they work well. routers are like some tools they seem to multiply. i started with a black & deck 1/2 hp as my starter one. about 1975. it was a bit small. then on to a sears craftsman 1 hp. late 1978. :) now have four. each one is for certain tasks. like the B&D for trim work, it is lightweight, all plastic. the two craftman are heavy and were acquired 35 years apart. but the same age. i also have a dewalt with all the add ons. one problem 2 hp is heavy 10 LBS. about 10 years old.

there is two things I would like to say this forum has lot of pictures of different ideas for tables.
just remember the building of the table will help you learn this great working tool.

please remember safety and dust collection. there is a good links for both here.

also Florida is a big place. show what part you are in. like me north central Fl.
you may get to meet others in this hobby that way if you want.

have a grand day. Joe
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i seemed to forgot this link. from another great member take time to read.
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Welcome to the forum Dee.
Welcome to the forum Dee. Taking a basic router course at a place like Rockler or Woodcraft is an excellent way to get comfortable and familiar with any tool. You'll find router tables will either work for you or not but depending on the size will tell you if the table it too small and making things like raised panels on a compact table may not be doable but you have a way to go before getting to that process. I suspect there is also a good class that you can take to get your feet wet on cabinet building. At out closest Woodcraft they offer classes in both base and upper cabinets which is an excellent starter course. They usually last 4 hours or so. Highly recommended.
I am not sure about the link below, maybe it will fit? I think going to Bosch customer service might be the only answer.
I'm pretty sure you can make a plate to fit, aluminum plate cuts easy with a circular saw and carbide blade

I am very pleased to hear you are getting a class on the router. While it's one of my favorite tools, it is one of the more dangerous tools if not used properly. Take good notes on proper feed direction and you'll be fine.

Adapter Plate [2610938414] for Bosch Power Tools | eReplacement Parts
Welcome to the forum Dee. I am in Florida also. There is lots of good stuff on here.I make my own plates and I made my own router table . I would think you could make your own plate out of lexan or phenolic as long as it is the right thickness just use the base plate from the bosch as a pattern for the plate and the base of the router as the pattern for the router. I found this video on youtube of someone modifying the Bosch plate to fit his router that could be a good option as well
Welcome to the forum.
You would do very well to look at the link from another member (Stick486) posted by Biotec. It is an excellent resource and you will want to mark it to keep it handy for future use.
Hi Dee, welcome to the forum. Although I can't answer your question, I, too am in FL. There are a number of woodworking clubs in the state. If you're anywhere around the Sarasota area I can introduce you to the club.
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