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Greetings from Hockeytown

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Hi, my name is Mike. In the last couple years I've made woodworking my prime hobby. I work in my garage summer and winter(thanks to a couple propane heaters). I've built magazine racks for friends in that business, the usual assortment of bird houses and feeders, game boards, potty chairs, router tables and fences, a few small tables, and a porch swing. I build my own jigs when possible. My router collection includes a couple Craftsman models, a pair of Bosch 1617's and an older model # I always forget, a PC 7518, ryobi laminate trimmer, and a Rotozip. My latest toy is an old Rockwell set up as a custom built pin router.(For $40 I figured I couldnt lose)
I enjoy sharing ideas with others, and I'm looking forward to developing my skills from this great knowledge base.
PS: With apologies to Red Green; "Keep your push stick on the work piece!"
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Yeah Mike, welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of knowledge here. Yours for the asking.
Welcome to the forums!
Greetings from Hockeytown
Hey Mike, welcome.

Nice to see another Red Wing fan here... even if we can't see them play this year. :)

Welcome to Mike
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