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Hi, my name is Mike. In the last couple years I've made woodworking my prime hobby. I work in my garage summer and winter(thanks to a couple propane heaters). I've built magazine racks for friends in that business, the usual assortment of bird houses and feeders, game boards, potty chairs, router tables and fences, a few small tables, and a porch swing. I build my own jigs when possible. My router collection includes a couple Craftsman models, a pair of Bosch 1617's and an older model # I always forget, a PC 7518, ryobi laminate trimmer, and a Rotozip. My latest toy is an old Rockwell set up as a custom built pin router.(For $40 I figured I couldnt lose)
I enjoy sharing ideas with others, and I'm looking forward to developing my skills from this great knowledge base.
PS: With apologies to Red Green; "Keep your push stick on the work piece!"

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Greetings from Hockeytown
Hey Mike, welcome.

Nice to see another Red Wing fan here... even if we can't see them play this year. :)

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