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greetings from Santa Clarita

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I stumbled across this forum looking for woodworking info and thought I'd join. I've taught woodshop in middle and high school for 4 years. I've also taught Engineering and Drafting. I'm not currently teaching any shop classes, but continue to enjoy woodworking and making stuff. I've built a few small projects over the years including a desk for my wife (ok, that was a bigger project), small table, cupboards in my garage and small boxes. I'd like to try some new techniques, so here I am.
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Welcome. There are a lot of us here with the hearts of teachers. And maybe a few you taught in the past. Christmas is a good time to make stuff for gifts.
Welcome to the forum! Add your first name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel and so we'll know what to call you. Add your location, as well.

We do like photos so show us your shop, tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.

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Welcome to the forum N/A...
Welcome to the forum N/a
Welcome to the forum.
Santa Clarita is some mighty fine country. Have a sister in law who lived in that area for many years and really liked it.
Welcome, glad you found us. Many of us are life long students while we also have those that do very well in schooling us when we ask questions. I've found this bunch to be very well versed on what they do and have offered many times ways to approach a problem. It's a great resource to have at your disposal. A prime example is Stick who has file after file of about anything you want to know about woodworking. Go ahead, ask a woodworking question and see how long it takes to discover what a "Stick" is. Not to mention the many that participate on this forum. And let me be the first to add a that we really like pictures, a lot. Often it helps explain what were asking or trying to explain........and there may be a few that don't read to well.........anyway pictures help. Just find them on your hard drive (File Explorer) and drag them below where it says "DRAG FILES HERE TO ATTACH"
Hi HWK and welcome.
Thanks for the warm welcome! I belong to a few other non-woodworking forums and it seems this one has a similar vibe: friendly, a few knowledegable people who like to answer questions, and LOTS of info. I look forward to exploring this site and getting to know where everything is.

I fixed my name, by the way. I'm waiting until I have enough posts to change my avatar.
G'day Jeff, welcome to the forum.
Hello and welcome to the router forum, Jeff
Welcome to the router forums family Jeff. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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